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Nov 17

Released Time for Religious Instruction

Thanks to Mark Walsh for information about the case provided in his Education Law Association blog.  In 2006, the South Carolina legislature passed a law allowing academic credit for public school students who receive instruction in private religious schools during released-time. Such programs allow public school students to be released from classes during the day …

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Nov 02

Dog Sniffs by Police Dogs

The following entry is edited from an Education Law Association (ELA) blog entry posted on October 31, 2012 and written by Mark Walsh. It is not my original work and is posted for information only. The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in two cases related to the use of drug-sniffing dogs. While …

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Oct 31

Reflection Opportunity for All of Us

The Importance of Each Day: Yesterday afternoon, I had a guest speaker for one of my graduate classes. Mr. Bob Gillette spoke to the class about experiential learning. During his forty year career in public education, Bob taught and directed an experiential learning program in Connecticut. He took students on week-long hikes up the Adirondack …

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Oct 14

Emergency Regulations for the Standards for Accrediting Public Schools

Dr. Jones is a former VASSP president, Professor and Chair, Leadership Studies Director, VASSP Center for Educational Leadership at Lynchburg College and author of the annual VASSP publication Changes in School Law. The following article encapsulates important changes to the SOA that will affect every student in the Commonwealth and is also a reminder of …

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Oct 09

AP, Dual Enrollment and Academic Rigor: Where is Virginia Going?

On Sunday, there was an article in the Lynchburg News And Advance on the expansion of Advance Placement (AP) courses in central Virginia. Reading the article and reviewing the charts demonstrated that many more students are taking AP courses and getting college credit. While not the subject of the newspaper article, the 2012 General Assembly …

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Oct 09

Economic Factors and K-12 Education

I recently came across a strategy paper from the Hamilton Project titled “A Dozen Economic Facts About K-12 Education.The purpose of the project is to encourage development of public policies that are connected to a 21st century education and which foster “ economic growth and broad participation in that growth.”  The authors argue that public …

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Oct 01

Thoughts on Bullying

As I was reading the October 2012 issue of Educational Leadership (ASCD), there were several articles that drew my attention. One of those articles (“Joining Hands Against Bullying,” p. 26) focused on a topic that many schools face. What got my attention was a request to students to ask questions of adults in their school …

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Sep 27

Linking School Discipline to Character Education

As noted in § 22.1-208.01 of the Code of Virginia, every school board is required to establish a character education program in each of its schools. The legislation gives local boards a great deal of flexibility in implementing the program. However, the purpose of the program is clearly defined in the legislation: it “shall be …

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Sep 25

“Triggers” to Success

As principals and school leadership teams focus on continuous improvement efforts, they must address the three major indicators of Achievement, Attendance, and Discipline. It is important to track each individual student in each of these areas. Intervention needs to occur at defined times.  Intervention cannot be a choice; it must be a mandate. Schools cannot …

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Sep 11

Emergency Regulations for the Standards for Accrediting Public Schools

As a result of 2012 General Assembly legislation, changes to the Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia are necessary. The state superintendent proposed emergency regulations to the Virginia Board of Education, and the Board approved these emergency regulations at its June meeting. The changes take effect beginning with first-time ninth graders during …

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