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ELIZABETH HARRELL (“Bet”) NEALE CAREER HISTORY: Twenty-five years of legislative experience in the Virginia political arena. Bet began her career in the political arena as a Legislative Research Associate at the Division of Legislative Services, having first been mentored by her father Delegate Lyman Harrell, who served 12 years as a member of the House of Delegates. After moving with her family to West Point, where her husband Mark practices dentistry and where they raised their three children Nancy, Cheryl and Mark, Bet remained active in state legislative work as a consultant for a state commission and as a legislative assistant to Delegate Mary Marshall and Delegate Dorothy McDiarmid, Chair of the House Education and House Appropriations Committees. Beginning in 1990, Bet represented VASS as their lead lobbyist for 8 years, after which she served as executive director of the Henrico Education Foundation for HCPS. Bet came on board with VASSP in 2000 as Director of Government Relations and lobbies on behalf of Association members during all General Assembly sessions and at meetings of legislative education committees and subcommittees. In her capacity as Director of Government Relations/Lead Lobbyist for VASSP, Bet also represents middle and high school principals and assistant principals at statewide education meetings, seminars and special commissions as well as at meetings of the State Board of Education. Bet is a graduate of the University of Richmond with a BA in English and a Collegiate Certificate in Secondary Education. She has been a guest lecturer at the College of William and Mary and the University of Virginia as well as a presenter at various state meetings and seminars.

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Mar 04

Governor McDonnell’s “Opportunity Educational Institution”

 Education lobbyists (VASSP etc.), representing every major education association in the state, worked diligently against passage of legislation instituting a statewide board that would usurp the role of the local school board for schools with unaccredited status.  It was difficult having to refer to the proposed entity to take over public schools as the Governor’s …

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Mar 04

2013 G A Session Ends with a Historic Budget Deal

True to his word, the Governor pushed through most of his ambitious education agenda during the 2013 General Assembly Session, albeit on some very close votes and without the support of any of the major education associations for his A-F legislation or that which would provide for takeover of local schools denied accreditation. Visiting legislators …

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Feb 25

K-12 Budget Initiatives

  The following list includes  K-12 budget initiatives. Note: Teacher salary funded for instruction *(includes principals and AP’s) and support, for 11 months.    Other K-12 Initiatives in FY 2014 §School Division Consolidation Issues.  •Changes the consolidation agreement policy by requiring DOE to use a blended local composite index (LCI) instead of the lower LCI of …

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Jan 28

2013 General Assembly Session In Full Swing

 Over 140 public education bills have been introduced in a very short time, and many are proving to be pretty controversial.  Politicians have hit Richmond with a vengeance and with bills overflowing their pockets.  Transportation may top the list in much of the news, but close on the heels of that issue is another subject …

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Jan 28

Update on Education Legislation

General Assembly Bill Update: Priority Education bills are continually being monitored by VASSP. Remember to click on the bill number to read a summary and the full text of any bill. Update includes a full listing of Priority Education bills and education bills listed by category under the following headings: School Board, Personnel, Instruction/Testing; Safety/Discipline; Students/Special …

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Jan 04

Upcoming Bills To Watch In the General Assembly

Early filings of education bills reveal members’ inclination to continue to introduce unfunded mandates, more “Tebo” bills and bills related to testing and graduation and school calendar – with expectation of many more education bills to follow, such as those related to firearms, choice, charter schools, discipline, etc. Stay in tune and in touch and …

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Dec 11

State Board of Education Comprehensive Plan: 2011 – 2016

  Purpose of the Comprehensive Plan The Board of Education’s Comprehensive Plan: 2011-2016 updates the goals set forth in the Board’s previous plan, which covered the years 2007-2012. Building upon the previous plan, the two-year update reflected in this document provides the framework for resources and policy development to continue Virginia’s forward momentum in student …

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Nov 24

Flexibility: Given or Gift?

Doesn’t it sound appealing, practical and reflective of good management practice to provide more local flexibility in the face of unfunded mandates, increased academic accountability and shrinking school budgets? Of course it does; but, unfortunately, we must be careful what we ask for because it could be costly – for K-12, not the state. Providing …

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Oct 28

VASSP Conference Call with Senator Mark Warner

This summer in early August, Government Relations specialist Bet Neale spoke with Senator Mark Warner. Listed below is the summary of her conversation with Senator Warner. Senator Warner: It is a tough time to be an educator; recognize you are under assault. Stimulus helped but sequestration could mean an 8% cut in federal funding for …

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Aug 05

VHSL Athletics and Homeschoolers…..Again

The Virginia School Boards Association is spearheading a discussion group on “homeschoolers participation in VHSL activities” and will address the issues and concerns surrounding the question of whether or not home schooled students should be allowed to participate in high school sports and other VHSL activities. Since 2002, the General Assembly has reviewed legislation that …

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