Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 30

What Does It Mean to Fail Well?

Building administrators are not immune from making mistakes, committing errors or just plainly goofing up. If you are an administrator and have not committed any of these behaviors, then you must have just taken over this job in the past two weeks. This is the “honey moon” time that most faculties allow for a new administrator …

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Nov 24

Flexibility: Given or Gift?

Doesn’t it sound appealing, practical and reflective of good management practice to provide more local flexibility in the face of unfunded mandates, increased academic accountability and shrinking school budgets? Of course it does; but, unfortunately, we must be careful what we ask for because it could be costly – for K-12, not the state. Providing …

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Nov 17

Released Time for Religious Instruction

Thanks to Mark Walsh for information about the case provided in his Education Law Association blog.  In 2006, the South Carolina legislature passed a law allowing academic credit for public school students who receive instruction in private religious schools during released-time. Such programs allow public school students to be released from classes during the day …

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Nov 07


The current focus in public education has been the development and proliferation  of STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering and Math) programs and schools designated for these programs. Virginia will be adding a 16th STEM academy as a result of the State Board of Education’s actions at the October 25, 2012 meeting. This newest STEM program, the Lynchburg Regional Governor’s …

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Nov 05

Met Any iPads lately?

Every so often, it is possible to discover an article or blog that really catches your attention and curiosity. The piece listed below did that for me in the November 5, 2012 edition of EdWeek UPDATE.  While I was not quite sure of the message before reading Reich’s piece, afterwards I found a relationship for leaders. In education, …

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Nov 02

Dog Sniffs by Police Dogs

The following entry is edited from an Education Law Association (ELA) blog entry posted on October 31, 2012 and written by Mark Walsh. It is not my original work and is posted for information only. The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in two cases related to the use of drug-sniffing dogs. While …

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