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Feb 28

Does Class Size Matter?

If you belong to or work with the membership of educators/administrators who contend that class size really is not relevant to learning, then it is time for you to rethink and evaluate your procedures. The reason? New research on the effectiveness of class size at the University of Colorado Boulder’s National Educational Policy Center has demonstrated that …

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Feb 27

Middle School Technology Plus

A recent learning activity at Patrick Henry Middle School in Sioux Falls, S.D. showcased the interaction of technology/investigative skills  and possible career interests for sixth grade students. Using a guest speaker who was a forensic specialist in the local police department as a catalyst, students were given the opportunity to see and participate in the why’s …

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Feb 26

March is Middle Level Education Month

 NASSP recognizes March as “Middle Level Education” month and offers resources and materials for middle level leaders on their website. The NASSP middle level publication, Middle Level Leader has as their theme, “Creative Thinking for March.” If you will use the access below, you will see what is available for middle level leaders for your schools …

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Feb 25

School Grading Still Alive in General Assembly

The  A-F Grading System for identifying school success is still alive in the General Assembly, but as the session end comes near the passage of the bill is looking dimmer. In an article from the Capital News Sevice written by Chris Saurez that was carried in the Rappahannock Times  ( on February 24, the current position …

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Feb 24

Labor Day Legislation to Support

For many school administrators, the beginning date for school years has been blocked by legislation being promoted by legioslators in favor of maintaining the “status quo”…opening after Labor Day. Again this year, legislation has been proposed to allow boards more flexibility as to when the school year will begin. There are three “Labor Day” bills …

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Feb 21

Teacher Leadership: Here’s a Possible Scenario

 When administrators plan to divide responsibilities among the staff, at times it can become a daunting task.  Beyond the leadership roles of administrators and department leaders, it can be difficult to assign leadership responsibilities for teachers that are both functional and appropriate for the individual. Many teachers have leadership potential and can use these qualities to enhance …

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Feb 19

More Pieces to the PISA Pie

In the Decenber 7, 2013 VASSP blog, “Had Enough of the PISA pie?” Rick Hess’ commentary in Ed Week , “7 Reasons Why I Don’t Care About the PISA Results” provided support and fodder for those of us who are tired of the American public education system being targeted as a failure.   NASSP’s Mel Riddle, coordinator …

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Feb 13

Staff Morale Thoughts

If you have been thinking of ways to work with your school staff to improve teacher morale, you are not alone.  This month, ASCD’s publication, Educational Leadership , has been devoted to expoloring this issue. While it is not a new topic, recent trends with politicians taking positions to define what is good and what is …

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Feb 12

Governor Supports House Bill to Reduce SOL Assessments

 In an announcement released from the Governor McCauliffe’s office on February 11, the governor and Secretary of Education Anne Holton state their support of House Bill 930.  This bill, submitted by Delegates Tag Greason and Rob Kupricka, has been passed by the House of Delegates and now moves to the Senate. This piece of legislation is intended to …

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Feb 05

Senate Takes Decisive Action on Unpopular Legislation

 In what could be the stepping stones to change significant education legislation in the commonwealth, the Virginia Senate has take a stand against two of McDonnell’s “hallmark education actions.”  Specifically, two of the previous governor’s legislation that have drawn much criticism from educators and now legislators are headed for futher action in the House of Delegates.   On February 5th, the …

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