Monthly Archive: June 2014

Jun 21

Let It Snow…..In June?

Okay, school is out for the summer and schools closing due to snow storms along with their associated issues are not on your mind. However in less than five months, for some school divisions, this scenario will be fast approaching. Along with the weather comes the inevidable question:  Will we close schools for the snow? What about the …

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Jun 11

OEI….Uh Oh!

It does appear that wishes can be granted, but not necessarily from a star up in the night sky.  In the case of the Opportunity Educational Institution (OEI), the wishes of many educators, school boards and the State Board of Education have gotten their wishes. OEI has been declared to be unconstitutional by Norfolk Circuit …

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Jun 10

Redirecting Student Behavior

It is now nearly mid-June and your 2013-2014 school year has come to an end or is very close to that status.  Congratulations!  The time to take a break from the daily school routines should (operative term here) provide you with opportunities to relax, review and begin planning for the next school year. Schools, for …

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Jun 08

Division Innovations

If you have run dry looking for new ways to support students and staff, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has a new feature on the website to help. This feature, entitled “Stories From Around the State” provides ideas and activities to improve outcomes for students and promote efficiency and support for educators.  You may …

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