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Jan 28

Have You Too Got An Opinion Regarding Differentiation?

In case you have missed out on the most recent difference of opinion in education, here is an opportunity for an update and an opportunity to take sides in this “war of words” or “battle of the brains.” If you decide that it is the latter, odds are that this writer will agree with your …

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Jan 27

If You Have Had A Tough Day/Week, This Blog Is For You

In a recent blog in Education Week, “Principals Have a Complex Job” by Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers, all of the positive prose that helps boost the morale of principals and assistant principals is noted.  This blog and its’ attachments give a fair and honest appraisal of what high school and middle level school administrators do to maintain a positive learning …

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Jan 23

Virginia Principals Week

Congratulations to all Virginia High and Middle School Principals and Assistant Principals!  Governor McAuliffe has declared the week of January 25 – 31, 2015 as VIRGINIA PRINCIPALS WEEK. In recognition of the quality of service that you provide at your school, this week will be a special time to say “Thank You” for all of …

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Jan 21

Commonwealth Council On Childhood Success

A new initiative for helping children in the Commonwealth was announced in the summer of 2014.  In August, Governor McAuliffe announced the creation of a cabinet dedicated to the education, health, safety and welfare of Virginia’s children and youth. Entitled the “Commonwealth Council on Childhood Success,”  its members are drawn from all areas of leadership …

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Jan 17

Is Extended Learning Time A Useful Tool?

This topic, along with late starting for high schools, seems to just keep coming around. What are your thoughts? Is it worth it? In the search for the magic bullet that will increase student understanding of concepts and improve academic achievement levels, extended learning time is one such bullet. Has your school division considered or …

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Jan 14

Think of Teacher Evaluation in a Different Framework

In a recent blog, “Evaluation Lessons From Roger Ebert,” the two authors, Berkowicz and Myers draw a parallel to the teacher evaluation process and movie reviews.  While the notion of a movie critic (evaluator) having an impact or relationship to teacher evaluation may be unusual, it seems that there really is a close tie from …

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Jan 13

When Teachers/Administrators Have a Bad Day

Ever had something happen during a school day that you say or do something you regret and want to “take it back”?  How about one of your staff members who talks to you about their own blunder? Yes, it happens and this attached blog may be helpful for your teachers (or maybe yourself) when the words or actions that are …

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Jan 13

Education Compromise In The 2015 GA?

Yes, you did read the title of this blog correctly. It is possible that both the Democrats and Republicans will see eye-to-eye on significant education issues that will benefit students and education professionals across the Commonwealth in 2015. In a recent article in the Richmond Times dispatch (January 11,2015) the opportunity for cooperation is a possibility. At this point in …

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Jan 10

Administrators Input for the ESEA Reauthorization

Members of the United States Congress who are seeking input on ESEA Reauthorization from school administrators are set to get their documentation from the main administrator leadership organizations: NASSP, NAESP and AFSA (American Federation of School Administrators).  JoAnn Bartletti, representing NASSP, co-authored a document with NAESP and AFSA with the organizations’ thoughts regarding the plan …

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Jan 09

Your General Assembly is Gearing Up for 2015

Yes, it is that time again this year for the members of the Virginia General Assembly to travel to Richmond and look out for the best interest of their constituents through their diligent legislative efforts.  It seems that every year, Virginia school administrators look to our elected official to determine the best legislation to improve educational programs, policies …

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