Monthly Archive: February 2015

Feb 27

Is Teaching To The Test Still Alive?

Teach to the test…a guaranteed way to achieve student success for almost any assessment, particularly the Virginia SOL…sound familiar? It should.  This practice predates the SOL and other forms of standardized testing such as the SAT. While it is not the proven end-all for testing success, this practice just will not go away. A recent blog in Education …

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Feb 23

Lessons for Building Principals from a Business CEO

A recent article in the February 21 New York Times  contained an interview with Lew Cline, CEO of a software analytics company New Relic.  The content of the article contained some recommendations for leaders that could be applicable for school administrators.  You are not a CEO for several reasons, but you have enough similar responsibilities and …

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Feb 12

Can Standardized Testing Just Be Tolerated?

If you would like a discussion starter for a faculty/staff meeting or even a PTA group session, then a recent blog in Education Week may be a good source. The debate for standardized testing continues and usually divides educators and citizens into two camps: Do Not Test and Do Test. The blog is in the February …

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Feb 10

It Is Time Again For The ESEA

  The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is now 50 years old and still in place. In fact, with the overall lack of enthusiasm and support by public school educators for participation in the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) measures, it appears to be a good and timely opportunity to review the reauthorization of …

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Feb 06

Need A New Look At Your Leadership Style?

Have you ever experienced a doubt or questioned the rationale of a decision you have made? If yes, then this blog may be of assistance to you.  A recent blog in Smart Brief on Leadership, entitled “Leadership and all that baggage” by John Smith who writes, speaks and leads in the areas of leadership development, transformational …

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Feb 04

Snow Days ….. Learning Days?

Technology has broken through the old dictum that when it snows, schools are closed and often so are students’ minds. In a recent blog, “For Some Schools, Learning Doesn’t Stop On Snow Days,” the opposite is evident in many school districts/divisions: do learning at home with school programs online while snowy weather shuts everything down, including …

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