Jun 21

Some Thoughts as You Prepare for the 2012 – 2013 School Year

I know that you are just getting used to relative calm and quiet in your buildings now that the school year is over and students and staff have left you alone. Take your break as you certainly deserve it and the relative quiet that comes with an empty building.  While you are cleaning the piles of testing results, memos and letters from your desk top, take time to read this blog and use it while thinking about the upcoming school year.

Kathy Faber, a teacher in Vermont, the author of  Why Great Teachers Quit and How We Might Stop the Exodus which was published last summer, recently posted a blog with ideas “to stop the flow of talented teachers.”  She has listed six recommendations that may be useful for you and your planning. I have listed the six thoughts and access to her blog for your  opportunity to read her complete work.

1. Provide Leadership and Growth Opportunities for Teachers

2. Cultivate Collaboration in Schools

3. Create Humanity in Schools for Students and Teachers

4. Solicit Teacher Feedback and Use It in Decision Making

5. Plan for a Better work/Life Balance

6. Create an Environment that Compensates Master Teachers Who Continie to Grow, Evolve and Perform

You may access this blog at CNN.com and the click on Schools of Thought for blog listings.