Jun 30

Congratulations Dr. Holsworth!

On Friday, June 29th , Governor Bob McDonnell announced the appointment of Dr. Robert Holsworth to the Virginia Commonwealth University board of visitors. If you have been a member of VASSP for more than one year, then you must know and have heard Bob Holsworth.  Dr. Holsworth, a former dean at VCU and now a managing director of a government consulting firm is a constant at the VASSP Summer Conferences. His knowledge of politics  and his humor and wit that go along with his political commentaries and prognostications make him a favorite of Virginia principals at our conferences. Whether we are in Williamsburg or the Homestead, Bob Holsworth’s humorous comments and accurate predictions always draw administrators to his sessions. He is most definitely a friend of VASSP and a gentleman that we all look forward to hearing in our summer sessions.  Congratulations Dr. Holsworth!