Dec 18

Talking To Troubled Students

 In light of the tragedy in Connecticut last week, we need to be certain that we as administrators  equip our staff and schools with all of the tools necessary to help prevent or deal with this disaster. You are familiar with the lock down/building intruder/ non-evacuation drills that are required each year. Unfortunately, you now have an example to remind your staff to take these drills seriously and for the opportunity to observe the attention and focus the staff gives to the drill.

Because you can never be sure if such an issue as faced by the staff in the elementary school in Connecticut could/would occur in your school, it might be prudent to take stock of students in your building who may may possibly have a mind set for seeking to assert themselves through destructive behaviors.  Most guidance staff members have the “pulse” of the school and should have ideas of students with less than stable personalities who need assistance. By doing so, you will have knowledge of  a group of students who may need assistance beyond what you and your staff could provide them for counseling and assistance.

A blog that appeared in EdWeek  might be helpful as a dialog opportunity for some of these students that you or your guidance staff may wish to review and utilize. The title of the blog is To a Bright Kid With Troubles  by Tamara Fisher.  You will also find resources at the end of the blog that may be useful.