Jan 07

Virginia High School Band Performs at BCS Championship Game

Every so often, our students, both middle level and high school in Virginia receive special attention for all of their efforts, practice and study in order to achieve a goal. Usually, we associate exceptional awards in specialized academic areas and athletics.  This time, one high school in Virginia is receiving a national recognition opportunity and exposure due to music. More specifically, one of our Virginia high school bands has been chosen to march and play at the BCS National Championship Football game January 7th  in Miami, Florida. 

This honor goes to Lancaster County High School, a single A high school in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Lancaster County is a small, quiet rural area with farmland and villages and a high school with a very dedicated band director and band students. This band was the only individual high school band chosen from others to receive this special opportunity.

Good things do come in small packages as the saying goes and the Lancaster High School band’s success is an example for other schools across the Commonwealth and the nation who have demonstrated that spirit, dedication and hard work sets the standard for achieving recognition and honor.

Way to go LHS!