Feb 25

K-12 Budget Initiatives


The following list includes  K-12 budget initiatives. Note: Teacher salary funded for instruction *(includes principals and AP’s) and support, for 11 months.    Other K-12 Initiatives in FY 2014 §School Division Consolidation Issues.

 •Changes the consolidation agreement policy by requiring DOE to use a blended local composite index (LCI) instead of the lower LCI of the two divisions beginning in FY 2014

 •Changes the period of time that DOE would use the new blended LCI after a consolidation from 15 years to a range between 5 & 15 years

 •Adds language directing JLARC to analyze the costs of incentives for consolidation and identify possible savings by October 1, 2014

 •Requires Bedford to undergo a School Efficiency §Any school division that is participating in an existing consolidation is exempt from these policy changes. Other K-12 Initiatives in FY 2014 §School Security: Establishes a five-year $30.0 million revolving Security Equipment Fund that would provide annual competitive grants up to $100,000 per division

 •Provides $6.0 million each year to enhance school security and would require a 25% local match

•Funded through the Literary Fund §Supplants $6.1 million GF in VRS costs with Literary Fund from revenue generated by allowing an add-on for costs of outside collection agency §Eliminates language for a prospective funding methodology for school nurses for the 2014-16 rebenchmarking cycle §Includes language that expands eligibility for the STEM Teacher Recruitment & Retention Bonus to include middle school grades & 2nd & 3rd year experienced teachers  92% Salary Incentives , COCA and Strategic Compensation Grants §Teachers and Support Salary Incentive: Provides $70.2 million (11 months) for the state’s share

 •Optional participation & requires a local match – must provide at least a 2% increase by January 1, 2014, & would be eligible for the 11 months of funding from the state

 •Added revenue contingency language – Includes language that school divisions cannot count the phase-in of the VRS swap as its local match §COCA supplement for Support Positions: Provides $9.4 million in the second year §All full school divisions at 7.0% §All partial school divisions at 1.8% §Strategic Compensation Grants: Provides $5.5 million in second year 

 Other K-12 Initiatives in FY 2014 §Virginia Teaching Scholarship Loan Program: Adds $708,000 in the second year. Increases the tuition amount from $3,720 to $10,000

 •Adds eligibility to top 10% of high school class §Year-Round Schools: Provides $412,500 for planning grants up to $50,000 to divisions interested in submitting application to DOE for new year-round programs

•Nine existing year-round programs can apply for any balances

•Includes language for voluntary survey to school division superintendents to determine levels of statewide interest §Adds $129,500 for a new STEM learning initiative for Pre-K & kindergarten students §Opportunity Educational Institution: provides $150,000 in FY 2014 to pay first year start-up costs related to operating board

 •Also adds language to define the framework for the Institution and its general operations §Virginia Longitudinal Data System: provides $120,000 the second year for additional VITA related costs