Mar 21

Professional Information Insights from the National High School Center

Dr. Kathleen Smith, Director, Office of School Improvement at the VDOE has provided VASSP with links to a blog site that should be of interest to high school administrators.  The site is www.betterhighschools.org and the blog information is listed in High School Matters.

Listed below are two sample blogs for school issues that you may wish to review.

The Use of Individualized Learning Plans to Help Students to be College and Career Ready:  As this is our focus in Virginia for our students, it is timely and informative. 

 Also of interest may be the REL Midwest Hosts Webinar on Noncognitive Factors That Affect School Performance of Adolescents: The REL (Regional Education Laboratory) webinar is a good resource for administrators for information on efforts to develop non-cognitive skills (time management and organization skills) for students.