Apr 26

Virginia Board of Education April 2013 Meeting

The Virginia Board of Education held two meetings during the week of April 22nd, 2013.  The Board met on Wednesday, April 24 for the Planning Session. This meeting is devoted to a review of education topics presented by Department of Education Staff members and education practitioners in the Commonwealth from schools and central office staff.

The second meeting was the Virginia Board of Education Business Session for April, 2013.  During this meeting, the Board reviews a list of Action/Discussion Items some of which are final review items and others are first review items. Among the final review items were discussion and action items which may be of interest to middle/high school administrators across the Commonwealth:

Final Review of the Proposed Amendments to the Regulations Establishing the Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia (8 VAC 20-131) Addressing Public Virtual Schools (Proposed Stage).  This action was taken as a result of the passage of HB 1215 during the General Assembly to establish regulations for accreditation of public virtual schools under the authority of the local school board that enrolls students full time.  This legislation outlines situations where local school boards could establish a public virtual school with all students taking coursework virtually, rather than in a traditional “brick and mortar” environment.

Final Review of Recommended Cut Scores for the Grades 3,5, and 8 Science and Grades 5,8, and End-of-Course (EOC) Writing Standards of Learning Tests based on the 2010 Science and English Standards of Learning (SOL).  Both the 2010 science and English SOL include an increase in content rigour and in the requirements for higher order thinking skills. Because of the changes made in the content measured by these tests, new passing scores were adopted by the Virginia Board of Education.

Final Review of Recommended Cut Scores for the Virginia Modified Achievement Standards Test (VMAST) for Grades 3-8 and End-of-Course (EOC) Reading Based on the 2010 English Standards of Learning.  The approval of cut scores for the VMAST for grades 3-8 and EOC reading will help schools and school divisions increase the academic success of students with disabilities.

Among the First Review items that may be of interest to middle/high school administrators are:

First Review of Proposed Regulations Governing the Operation of Private Schools for Students with Disabilities (8 VAC 20-670-10 et seq.) (Final Stage)  The new regulations provide clarity to provisions for the management and conduct of schools and standards for programs offered by the schools to include policies and procedures to ensure safe learning environments and the protection of children in their care.

First Review of Recommendations of the Advisory Board on Teacher Education and Licensure (ABTEL) to Establish an Online Teacher License in the Licensure Regulations for School Personnel  (Proposed Stage)  As the availability of opportunities for Virginia public school students for learning through virtual learning programs continues to expand, licensure amendments need to be made for teachers who teach only online courses.

First review of Proposed Revised Fine Arts Standards of Learning  The new proposed standards reflect rigorous, concise and measurable standards that meet the current needs for student learning and best practices in the field of fine arts education.

If you wish to review the meeting agenda, please go to: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/boe/meetings/index.shtml