May 24

One Big Family of Administrators

A meeting at Richmond this week in the State School Board room of the DOE brought together the three major school professional leadership groups and others as one big family of educators. Perhaps not as a happy family, but rather a family of education administrators trying to make a point to the State School Board members and in turn to the members of the General Assembly…if our legislators would listen.

Early in May, several of the major education organizations in Virginia were extended an invitation to attend a meeting on May 22, 2013 and provide feedback to the state board members regarding recommending changes to the Standards of Accreditation and in particular, ideas about closing the achievement gap and strengthening accountability.  Among the groups invited to address the board on this date were VASSP, VASS (Virginia Association of School Superintendents ) and VAESP (Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals).  While other groups were represented, the above named were the  administrative groups present.  VASSP was represented by Executive Director Dr. Randy Barrack, President Dr. Keith Perrigan and VASSP Board member Mrs. Sharon Pope.

Each association had approximately ten minutes to present their comments to the state board and then respond to questions from the board. The presentations from the associations contained descriptions of the issues and concerns regarding testing in the elementary schools to refining the SOA in light of legislation for accountability and  associated reforms.

You may access President Keith’s presentation to the members of the state board if you will click on the address below: