May 29

What Happens When A Student Refuses SOL Testing?

So a student does not want to or refuses to take an EOC assessment or the parent refuses to have their student take the assessment…can the student opt out? According to a recent Superintendent’s memo, there is no opt out policy.  In addition, there are steps to be taken if a student/parent makes the decision to not participate.

If a student refuses to participate in one or more of the required Virginia SOL assessments, schools and school divisions should follow these procedures:

  • The student report card will show a “0” for any test that is refused.
  • The school should request a written statement from the parent indicating the specific test(s) the parent refuses to have their student complete. Keep a copy of this document by placing it in the student’s file.
  • Submit a Testing Status 5 code to indicate the refusal to take the assessment.

These actions will prevent the school division and school’s participation rates for federal accountability from being affected.

Parents of or a student that refuses to retake  a failed end-of-course  assessment need to understand that the impact this may or not have for earning a verified credit which could ultimately affect the student’s attempt to graduate.

If you wish to read the entire memo, please go to :http://www.doe.virginia.gov/administrators/superintendents_memos/2013/142-13.shtml