May 30

Do Your Teachers Still Have BEEP?

A blog posted earlier this month on the ASCD blog site “Four Teaching Challenges and Strategies” provides information regarding the reasons why teachers leave the profession.  Although most beginning teachers enter the profession with BEEP (belief, energy, enthusiasm, passion) the reality of working with adolescents/teenagers, parents and changing guidelines causes approximately one in five teachers to leave the profession annually.   

The author of the blog, Allen N. Medler, PhD wrote his book When Teaching Gets Tough   to address the issues and topics related to teachers deciding to leave education.  Among the challenges noted by Medler are:

  • Difficult,disruptive and unmotivated students
  • Little support and appreciation from colleagues, administrators and parents
  • Lack of resources to do the job most effectively
  • Failure to take good care of yourself

If you would like to access this blog, please go to: http://inservice.ascd.org/books/four-teaching-challenges-and-strategies-to-deal-with-them/