Jul 27

When Dirty is Not a Dirty Word

If you have not had an opportunity to read Mel Riddle’s NASSP blogsite, The Principal Difference  this month, please do take a few minutes to review the July 26 entries. The blog “When Dirty is NOT a Dirty  Word” written by Stuart Singer is worth your time. The title comes from commentary by Mike Rowe, a television actor on the Discovery Channel who also appears on television commercials.

Rowe’s  premise by use of this title is that education in high schools should not be considered a “one size fits all” model and that higher education is not always a guarantee of financial security in well paying occupations or professions.  While this premise is not new and in Virginia, the State Board of Education will act in October for final review of  education changes proposed by the 2013 General Assembly (see the July 27 blog – Virginia State Board of Education Meeting), it is time for principals to help reinforce this message, particularly with parents. College educations are not guarantees of a well paying  job, much less a job at all.

Take time to read this blog and consider sharing it with your staff and parents in your school community.

You may access the blog at: http://nasspblogs.org/principaldifference1/2013/07/when-dirty-is-not-a-dirty-word/