Sep 18

Faculty Meetings Should Mean Something

Two recent blogs from separate authors bring to light a significant topic for school leaders:  What is the Purpose/Focus/Value of your Faculty Meetings?  Principal Peter DeWitt and Mel Riddle, NASSP coordinator for The Principal Difference both have reviewed common formats and rationales for faculty meetings.

Having learned early on as an assistant principal that “sit and get” faculty meetings can be a waste of time for all staff and that this type of meeting needed to be changed, my meeting formats as a principal were different.  Our information sessions were done with department leaders who in turn met with their department members to explain and review necessary information. Yes, email is more efficient, but not everyone reads their messages as they should, so face to face insured accountability.  Faculty meetings were developed as  involvement activities using recent research, books by authors which could have practical or beneficial slant for our staff and new practices to improve learning.

Both DeWitt and Riddle take a similar functional professional approach  for meeting time spent with staff that allows for faculty input and direction to enhance professionalism and learning opportunities.  You may access their entries at: