Nov 07

Good News for All Virginia Principals

In a recent posting from the Virginia Department of  Education on their web site,http://www.doe.virginia.gov/statistics_reports/graduation_completion/cohort_reports/index.shtml,  the announcement was made regarding the on-time graduation rate for the 2011 graduates.  Among the facts reported by the DOE, the on-time graduation rate rose one point to 86.6 percent along with a corresponding one point fall in the state dropout rate to 7.2 percent.

According to State Superintendent Dr. Patricia I. Wright, “A one point increase in the graduation rate means that nearly 1,000 more young Virginians are beginning their adult lives with the diploma they need to pursue further education and training or an entry-level job.”

This is good news indeed for Virginia’s school administrators. The public rhetoric in the form of criticism and complaints about the failure to meet student needs now seems less significant.  Dr. Wright said it well in her remarks, “The progress our schools have made in raising graduation rates is due to the efforts of hundreds of teachers, counselors, principals and other educators across the commonwealth who refused to give up on even the most challenging students.”

We still have much to do to increase the graduation success rate and lower the dropout rate in Virginia, but your efforts as building administrators are being recognized. Congratulations!