Sep 24

Assessing Teacher Performance With Alternative Processes

Teacher evaluation in classrooms where the content learning and assessment are not numerically objective is tricky and at times, ends up as a less than perfect process. Core content materials assessments are reasonably objectve and the results can reasonably be used to predict teacher effectiveness. Other content areas such as the arts and even physical education do not lend themselves well to classroom observation and assessment results to effectively evaluate classroom teachers.

Portfolios as a significant portion of non-academic course instruction teacher is not a new concept, but the “how” to use them effectively in staff evaluation is gaining new attention.  A recent blog, “Classroom Portfolios Used as Alternative Teacher Evaluation Measure” in Education Week  (September 18), outlines what is being done in Tennessee to assist administrators in effectively reviewing arts instruction and making decisions regarding teacher effectiveness.  Idenitfied as the Tennessee Fine Arts Growth Measures System, it is a voluntary system that is being used in some districts for now, but should grow in numbers as a reliable measure of teacher effectiveness.

In addition to evaluating student growth and achievement in fine arts, the state is developing a similar intitative for world-language teachers and is in the development process for teachers of physical education.

These approaches to the evaluation of the development of student growth in courses where objective growth analysis by content success assessments is not possible or effective is an asset to level the playing field for teacher evaluation.

If yoy would like further information, please go to: http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2013/09/18/04arts_ep.h33.html?tkn=XVOFIN9BNv9z67%2BBr4c2U8CI2WcLlqC2KxM6&cmp=ENL-CM-NEWS2