Dec 06

Think About Adding Something Extra to Your “To Do” List

Most all administrators keep a daily or weekly (or both) “to do” list which helps keep track of your responsibilities and duties.  School administrators in particular are prone to having these lists. Buildings with seversl hundred or more students, numerous adults and of course school board offoce staff that need your responses all add up to the need for a system to insure responsibility on your part.  This blog is not about your “to do” list but rather another list equally important.

A recent entry in “Smart Blogs on Leadership” featured another list to consider that is important for school leaders. Leaders, at times, need to change through growth in ways of thinking or formulating solutions to issues in order to become better leaders. In reality, it is another type of “check list” that helps you as a leader to develop amd maintain skills for being a more competent and sensitive leader.  This other checklist that would help you grow professionally through resonses to change and develop your personnel skills would be a “To Become” list.  Like the “To Do” list, the “To Become” list could become your routine pathway to become the leader you should be.

In her blog, “Make Yourself a “to become” list,” author Mary Jo Asmus lists some behaviors for you to aspire to to take on to make a change in your leadership style. Among them are:

Become a Better Listener: Listening is a powerful skill that can be a profound help when you need to influence others at times when changes in policies and procedures are  needed.  Staff feedback helps provide them ownership in decisions and can often be helpful.

Become More Inclusive: Bring your administrative staff and faculty more closely into what your plans are for any school project. Again, helpful input may arise from this practice.

Become Curious:  Be curious and open to new ideas. If you are used to doing things “your way” all the time, find out how much more easily projects can get done when you have extra input from staff.

Become More Approachable:  Leadership is about influencing others; use this leadership style to create relationships.

Become More Caring:  If you are an effective leader, you must care about others. Caring leaders see others as human beings who want to be valued for who they are and what they can do for your school.

If you would like access to the complete blog, please go to: http://smartblogs.com/leadership/2013/12/04/make-yourself-a-to-become-list/?utm_source=brief