Dec 07

Had Enough of the PISA Pie?

If you have had enough of this round of PISA results and how we compare or do not compare to other nations in the world, then this blog is for you.  In the December 4th Ed Week blogs, Rick Hess has the commentary you will like, “7 Reasons I Don’t Care About the PISA Results.”

Education in America for the next few months will be the target for comparison to other nation’s PISA success or failures. Quite frankly, we have enough issues/difficulties aligning comparisions and searching for solutions among our 50 states without adding other nations to the mix. Then, there will be the usual education “wonder programs” that will pop out of think tanks to cure our nation’s education issues…for a price of course.

 You can access Rick Hess’s blog at: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/rick_hess_straight_up/2013/12/7_reasons_i_dont_care_about_the_pisa_results.html?cmp=ENL-CM-NEWS1