Jan 29

Crirical Issues Confronting Educators

If you had the opportunity (and time) to sit down and develop a list of critical issues facing educators and education, what would you list?  Technology, the need for more funding, interfering legislators/governors and perhaps many other issues may be in your list. Rather than developing your own list, one writer has already developed a list of “10 critical issues facing education” that you may use as a springboard for your own.  Peter DeWitt, a K-5 school administrator has taken time off from his building responsibilities to be a professional development specialist. Dewitt’s speciality is the creation of inclusive school climates and educational leadership.

Take a look at his list and see if you would agree with the content. You might wish to share this information with your faculty/staff to promote discussion in department or faculty meetings

You may access this blog at http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/finding_common_ground/2014/01/10_critical_issues_facing_education.html