Apr 09

Assistant Principal at Murrysville High School: A Genuine Hero

You are, no doubt, very much aware of the actions of a high school student in Murrysville, Pennsylvania at Franklin Regional High School.  The student brought knives to school and injured several students . This student was ultimately tackled by Sam King, the Assistant Principal and then handcuffed by a security guard.  Thanks to a quick thinking and quick reacting school administrator, this terrible scenario came to an end. 

 Your job as administrators involves many tasks, with student and staff safety as priority one. Thanks to Mr. King for demonstrating the highest level of service to the other students and the staff at Franklin High School.

In an email sent to VASSP/VFEL on this day, Dr. Stephen Sroka, blog author and staff member at the medical school at Case Western Reserve University, commented regarding assistant principals: “Thank you for all that you do every day.”  That sentiment goes out to all school administrators who daily solve small issues and large problems with usually little recognition.

Dr. Sroka is the author of a safety blog, “School Safety Lessons Learned: From Cleveland to Newtown” that offers 10 descriptions of issues /causes related to violence in schools and offers thoughtful responses for solutions. 

You may access this blog at:   http://www.wholechildeducation.org/blog/school-safety-lessons-learned-from-cleveland-to-newtown