Apr 29

VASSP President David Ellena Selected for National Task Force

Dr. David S. Ellena, principal of the Tomahawk Creek Middle School in Chesterfield County (VA),has been selected as a member of the Model Code of Educator Ethics (MCEE) Task Force, sponsored by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC). Dr. Ellenahas served for 25 years in his current division and has 29 total years in education. This diverse and representative group will begin its work with an initial meeting in Baltimore, MD on June 19-21, 2014, and plans to have the first national framework for P-12 educator ethics completed within a one year time frame.

Members were selected after a nomination process, which included a number of national educator groups. All participants have been recognized as highly effective educators and leaders by their sponsoring organizations, and the group includes ten teachers, three principals, four state department directors, two superintendents, and one paraprofessional.

In forming the task force, NASDTEC is responding to a movement growing within the greater P-12 and educator preparation educational communities to ensure educators and prospective educators understand how professional decision-making can impact the safety and well-being of children, as well as the culture and mission of the school. This increased focus on examining, understanding, and informing best practice in educator decision-making has long been a critical part of the NASDTEC mission.

Congratulations Dr. Ellena.  Not only do you lead and serve VASSP and Chesterfield County Public Schools with distinction, your recognized efforts have also placed you in the national spotlight!