May 09

Virginia’s Next Step in the SOL Reform Process

Earlier this week, Governor Terry McCauliffe announced the process for appointments to the Standards of Learning (SOL) Innovation Committee. This committee, set in motion by the 2014 General Assembly, will recommend futher reformsĀ  in addition to an already-approved reduction in the number of required SOL tests.

“The challenge for the SOL Innovation Committee will be to chart a course for reform that builds on the strengths of the current SOL system while creating more room for the rich, creative and innovative learning experiences that will prepare all Virginia students with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in a global economy” remarked Governor McCauliffe.

Secretary of Education Anne Holton, who met with VASSP Board Members and Region Directors at the VASSP office on May 1, will be in charge of the committee as it begins its task this summer.

Applications and nominations are being accepted from individuals interested in serving on the SOL Innovation Committee. For more information, please go to: https://governor.virginia.gov/news/newsarticle?articleId=3999