Jun 11

OEI….Uh Oh!

It does appear that wishes can be granted, but not necessarily from a star up in the night sky.  In the case of the Opportunity Educational Institution (OEI), the wishes of many educators, school boards and the State Board of Education have gotten their wishes. OEI has been declared to be unconstitutional by Norfolk Circuit Court Judge Charles E. Poston.  His ruling returns to school divisions the responsibility to maintain and control their own programs and issues, not to the General Assembly. 

In his ruling, Judge Poston noted that the OEI is not constitutional “because it purports to establish a statewide school division and because it purports to create a school division that is not supervised by a school board.”

The Commonwealth can appeal this decision to a higher court, but chances are that this will not happen. Stay tuned however, this issue may still not be over.  General Assembly members do have long memories.

You may access more information regarding this significant educational decision at: http://www.timesdispatch.com/news/state-regional/judge-halts-implementation-of-state-s-school-takeover-division/article_e983396e-f0d8-11e3-a9b2-0017a43b2370.html