Nov 14

SOL Meeting: Commendation and Need for Improvement

SOL, love them or barely tolerate them. The testing program that has been functioning in the Commonwealth for nearly two decades was the topic of discussion from the SOL Innovation Committee on February 13th.  In an article written for the Richmond Times Dispatch, Virginia Secretary of Education Anne Holton discussed the positive and the areas in need for improvement for the assessment program.

“The SOLs have served us well” she told the public gathering at Holton Elementary School.  She also noted that the system could be improved, mostly by closing the divides between the Commonwealth’s lowest-and highest-performing students.

Secretary Holton remarked that some minor changes need to be made in the testing system, but there are other proposals that need to require more substantive changes/adjustments.

In summary, Secretary Holton summed up the major issue with the SOL assessments. “The system (SOL) does a good job of identifying where the problems are.” and she added,”It does a lousy job of fixing them.”