Dec 30

New Training for Principals?

In an article written for the December 27 Richmond Times-Dispatch,  Anne Holton,  Virginia Secretary of Education, expressed her thoughts on the continuing of the Common Core saga with the lack of enthusiasm and support for these standards. “There is very little appetite to change the system, Virginia’s standard are as rigorous (as the Common Core standards)…and we have independence.”

Having made her comment regarding the current standards, she also feels that the call for the “large scale reform” is justified and support for this may well come from the bipartisan Standards of Learning Innovation Committee. The dozen recommendations made in November by this committee may well have the support now in Richmond for the change in education in the Commonwealth.

One significant aspect of the results of the committee’s deliberation is administrator professional development for revised assessments. Secretary Holton commented that there would be “…a push in the 2015 General Assembly for more and better professional development, especially for principals .” This is all well and appropriate as long as Virginia middle and high school administrators can come to the table through VASSP to provide input for such training. Will that happen?  Let us wait and see.

If you would like to read the entire article regarding Secretary Holton’s comments, please go to http://www.richmond.com/news/local/education/article_d571006b-b906-50ae-b5ba-28fd04acf11f.html