Dec 30

Tips for Difficult Conversations

School administrators face multiple tasks daily. Among these tasks is the need, at times, to have a pointed conversation with a colleague or staff member when the review of an action or comment needs to be discussed.  Rather than put this opportunity off for a variety reasons, it is usually better to be up front with your concern and find a resolution with the colleague or staff member.

A recent blog in the December 27  ASCD Smartbrief  by Bill Carozza entitled “Tough Decisions” gives school administrators steps for confronting staff when issues are in need of resolution. Carozza lists the following seven steps that he has learned to be helpful in these situations:

1. Eat the frog

2. Prepare for results

3. Lead with the punch line

4. Listen as much as you can

5. Take good notes

6. Follow up (both right after and set a date for next meeting)

7. Assume good intentions

If you wish to access the entire blog, please go to:http://connectedprincipals.com/archives/11114