Dec 31

How is Your Communication I Q ?

In public education, good communication skills play a significant role in your ability as a leader to “get the message across” to help your staff understand just what you are trying to say. For many administrators, this skill has been developed to a fine art while other administrators are incomplete communicators.  Do your comments in faculty meetings foster replies and discussion which support the mission of your school from the staff ? Or do you notice that your comments in meetings go in one ear and out the other of your staff members?  Are you an effective communicator or just a talker hoping that the message will be received and internalized?

If you find that the latter is characteristic of your style of communication, a recent blog by Ellen Pressberg entitled “10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders” may help. Her blog lists eleven skills for improved communication for use in business that can be effectively employed in education.  Effecftive communication in both business and education provide messages to the target audience members that help achieve results from these efforts.

You may access her blog at : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-communication-secrets-great-leaders-ellen-pressberg