Jan 10

Administrators Input for the ESEA Reauthorization

Members of the United States Congress who are seeking input on ESEA Reauthorization from school administrators are set to get their documentation from the main administrator leadership organizations: NASSP, NAESP and AFSA (American Federation of School Administrators).  JoAnn Bartletti, representing NASSP, co-authored a document with NAESP and AFSA with the organizations’ thoughts regarding the plan and priorities of the professional associations.

Among the priorities listed that would be relevant to VASSP members are:

  • Focus ESEA on Supporting School Leadership:  “The emphasis on school-level outcomes and student achievement places the school leader at the center of all school improvement efforts.” More than ever, school administrators are becoming the multi-taskers when it comes to the success or lack of success for our public schools. “If principals and assistant principals are to meet the growing and evolving expectations of this demanding position , they must be provided ongoing personalized professional development to meet their individual and school needs. To meet these demands, ongoing mentoring and job embedded professional development are necessary to support all school leaders. In addition, states and districts must be directed to put into place more rigorous efforts to recruit and prepare principals and assistant principals to improve student academic achievement in high-needs schools through research-based programs.”
  • School Improvement: We (NASSP/NAESP) support an ESEA reauthorization that addresses the issue of principal evaluation in order to course-correct systems that are in place in many states and districts. Principals are supportive of evaluation systems that are in place in many states and districts that have models consistent with recommendations contained in the NASSP/NAESP research that outlines the components of an effective, locally designed principal evaluation system.
  • Professional Development Designed Specifically for Principals:  AFSA, NAESP and NASSP call for states and districts to provide professional development  for principals on effective instructional leadership skills to lead our nation’s schools. An investment in principals is an investment in learning.
  • Improving Secondary Schools: NASSP and NAESP are “supportive of including provisions to provide low-performing middle and high schools  with the necessary resources to implement innovative and effective improvement strategies.”