Jan 13

Education Compromise In The 2015 GA?

Yes, you did read the title of this blog correctly. It is possible that both the Democrats and Republicans will see eye-to-eye on significant education issues that will benefit students and education professionals across the Commonwealth in 2015.

In a recent article in the Richmond Times dispatch (January 11,2015) the opportunity for cooperation is a possibility. At this point in early March before the General Assembly convenes, Governor McCauliffe and state Republican leaders “…are pushing for a revamped approach to school accredited ratings, expedited retakes on some state assessments and other tweaks to the Standards of Learning, all supported by a bipartisan committee.”  Both Democrats and Republicans have education items on their agendas, but this year the spirit of doing what is best for the children in the Commonwealth may really become a reality.

Possible positions for each group:

For Democrats:

  • free breakfast and lunch in public schools
  • provide training for principals and school board members in districts that persistently struggle to meet state benchmarks

For Republicans:

  • improving teacher training options
  • replacing the A-F rating system
  • better protection of student privacy

It all begins tomorrow in Richmond.  Stay tuned to learn what will (or will not ) happen!