Jan 17

Is Extended Learning Time A Useful Tool?

This topic, along with late starting for high schools, seems to just keep coming around. What are your thoughts? Is it worth it?

In the search for the magic bullet that will increase student understanding of concepts and improve academic achievement levels, extended learning time is one such bullet. Has your school division considered or implemented longer days or year round programs? Does it work?

A recent report from the Center on Education Policy in Washington, D.C. is rather vague in its’ response to this question. It seems that this policy/practice has not been aound long enough (in it’s current level of practice) to have measurable results. In addition, extended learning time is often used along with other programs to improve student learning.

The report from the center does identify issues that may impede full implementation for extended time for learning:

  • Extended learning is expensive – increased monies for teachers and aides can affect budgets that are already stretched tight.
  • Extended learning time causes fatigue – longer learning time is tiring both to teachers and students.
  • Extended learning time models – there is no one common model to use for comparison to measure success.

If you would like to read the blog, please go to: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/campaign-k-12/2015/01/arne_duncan_asked_failing_scho.html?cmp=ENL-EU-NEWS3