Jan 21

Commonwealth Council On Childhood Success

A new initiative for helping children in the Commonwealth was announced in the summer of 2014.  In August, Governor McAuliffe announced the creation of a cabinet dedicated to the education, health, safety and welfare of Virginia’s children and youth. Entitled the “Commonwealth Council on Childhood Success,”  its members are drawn from all areas of leadership in Virginia that impact children. Members of the council represent education services as well as health and legislative services.  https://governor.virginia.gov/newsroom/newsarticle?articleId=5768

The goal of the council is to assure that “every child in Virginia starts off with the best possible chance to thrive, succeed in school and become contributing members of their communities.”

In addition to the twenty-three members of the board are forty supporting stakeholders. VASSP is one of these stakeholders and has a representative at the Council meetings.

The first meeting of the Council was held in Richmond in the Patrick Henry building on October 6, 2014.  The most recent meeting was held on January 15, 2015 and the last scheduled Council meeting will be May 4. The Council will vote on final recommendations at this meeting.

For more information, please go to: ttp://www.ltgov.virginia.gov/ini_childhoodsuccess.htm