Jan 27

If You Have Had A Tough Day/Week, This Blog Is For You

In a recent blog in Education Week, “Principals Have a Complex Job” by Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers, all of the positive prose that helps boost the morale of principals and assistant principals is noted.  This blog and its’ attachments give a fair and honest appraisal of what high school and middle level school administrators do to maintain a positive learning environment.

Included in the blog is a link to an Education Week report, “Shaping Strong Principals” which identifies and comments on”…the complexities of the principalship from several vantage points.”  Included in the report is Photos: A Day in the Life of a Principal.”  Be sure to take a glance at the roles/activities/chores that your peers have been photographed performing. You will probably be able to identify with the administrator in the picture doing something you have also done in your school.

You may access this blog at: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/leadership_360/2015/01/principals_have_a_complex_job.html?cmp=ENL-EU-NEWS2