Mar 24

Next Generation High School Act

New legislation has been introduced in the United States Congress to help traditionally underserved students. This bill, Next Generation (Next Gen) High Schools Act, has been submitted by Senator Tammy Baldwin, D – Wisconsin. According to the NASSP blog, the source of information for this information, this act “… would authorize $300 million for a competitive grant to insure that low performing high schools provide students with challenging and relevant academic career experiences that would allow them to be college and career ready upon graduation.”

So good for them you may be thinking. This has the feel and sound of previous federal legislative programs designed to help children/teens to be lifted up and provided with life skills, education, etc.  If you have been in public education long enough, you have the right to be skeptical.

But, perhaps there may be more to this piece of legislation than others which have come and gone:

  • It is a competitive grant program thus states and school divisions must plan in advance and prepare a proposal for funding – it may not just be a “hand out the money” initiative.
  • NASSP and Executive Director JoAnn Bartoletti support this legislation – this adds credibility to the legislation.

Let us keep our eyes and minds open for now and hope that Virginia, as well as other states will benefit from this initiative.

If you are interested in reading more about the Next Gen School Act, please go to: