Mar 27

State Board Implements SOL Retakes for Middle/Elementary Schools….Now!

During their March 26th meeting, the State Board of Education took unusual action on an item that was scheduled only for “First Review” on their agenda.

The item, last on the Action/Discussion Items list was item I, “First Review of a Resolution Establishing Criteria for Students Eligible for Expedited Retakes of Standards of Learning Tests in Grades 3 through 8.”  Items listed as First Review are usually discussed and moved on to the following month’s agenda for approval. This item, however, was significantly important  for the board to vote approval for implementation now.

The approval of this item will open opportunities for SOL retakes for elementary and middle level students now. Governor McAuliffe had signed approval for this action, but it would have become effective July 1 this year. Students needing retakes for the specified content areas in elementary/middle schools will now have the same opportunities for retakes that are available for high school students.

You may read more about this State Board action at: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/news/news_releases/2015/03_mar27_boe.shtml