Aug 03

ESEA Rewrite Debate Shaping up

Congress has begun the work of re-writing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and it figures to be a long and winding road. There are amendments that will need to be debated and compromises that have to be made. Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan has called for a law that is based on lessons learned from the previous version, No Child Left Behind (NCLB). According to a recent article in Education Week, there are five take aways from the proposed version of ESEA. They include maintaining an annual testing component, flexibility for for states to create their own accountability system, a requirement to report disaggregated  data for subgroups, Title I money not being allowed to follow the student and wording the prohibits the federal government from offering incentives to adopt any particular set of standards. There have also been a large number of amendments proposed for the bill. Many of these will focus on disadvantaged students and bullying in schools.

Here are the links to some resources on following the ESEA reauthorization:

http://www.ed.gov/esea This is the Education Department website on ESEA

http://www2.ed.gov/policy/elsec/leg/blueprint/publicationtoc.html This is the Executive Branches blueprint for reform

http://www.p21.org/storage/documents/docs/P21_ESEA_Reauthorization_Update.pdf This is an update on the bill from The Partnership for 21st Century Skills