Sep 23

VASSP Representing the Associations Members

Governor McA20150922_112050 (2)uliffe is holding roundtable meetings for community members all across the state of Virginia this fall. VASSP will have a presence at every one of the roundtable meetings, representing the Commonwealth’s school leaders during this import opportunity to interact and provide feedback and suggestions to the Governor. Yesterday, September 22, there was a roundtable meeting held in Manassas County. Carol Robinson, Past VASSP President, and Carole Kihm, current State Coordinator for VASSP, attended the governor’s panel yesterday. Parents from the areas of Arlington, Prince William County, Manassas, and Culpeper were on the panel.
They spoke to Elizabeth Lodal, a State School Board member, Dr. Steve Staples, State Superintendent and Anne Holton, Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth.
Here is a summary of what was covered:
State of Virginia- funding for education has been cut 7% over the last 10 years
Virginia has far more challenging students and we have higher expectations
Governor McAuliffe’s top budget priorities are pre K-12 and bringing jobs into the Commonwealth- pre-K for every district in the state
Virginia has the lowest unemployment rate since 2008 at 4.5%
The panel was asked “how can we energize our classrooms?”
The following answers were given by the panel: Technology, empower teachers, give teachers more time for curriculum development, class size is problematic in some areas, project-based learning, partnering older students with younger students for a project, integrated math/science, and humanities programs, STEM programs
Workforce preparation in schools is not what it should be
The SOL Innovation Committee is working hard on the SOL testing piece- ‘Responsibility and Delight” can co-exist
Test taking techniques can alleviate pressure on students
Governor McAuliffe asked “if you were governor for the day, give me one suggestion for change and the answers were: Funding for mental health professionals, invest in teachers, instructional aides in classrooms, deeper penetration of CTE programs in the curriculums