Dec 09

Increased Funding for Education in 2012?

Yes, you read it here first that Governor Bob McDonnell announced to a gathering of reporters in Richmond on December 8th that funding for K-12 public education will increase in the next state budget. Before making plans for new expenditures be aware of his follow up statement: “But it might not go up as much as people want” commented McDonnell in speaking to the group during AP day in Richmond. With state funding revolving around classroom size issues and potential for shifting public school funds to finance more tuition tax credits to help promote alternatives, school divisions may not see significant revenue increases from the state coffers. The Governor advocates increasing education innovation in Virginia and that “might involve funding changes and incentives” in education spending.

It appears that the General Assembly will again be facing educational funding issues as has occured in previous years. Just be aware that for now, the funding for education appears bright, but as the months go by, the level of brightness may well dim in the halls and meeting rooms of the General Assembly.