Jan 03

Governor McDonnell’s Legislative Initiatives

The Governor’s legislative initiatives are taking shape, and he is lining up the “movers and shakers” in the Republican Party to carry his bills in the 2012 Session. McDonnell has made it clear that he plans to impose significant, new reforms on K-12 through legislation and says he will concentrate on quality over funding and get behind bills to reform standards and accountability measures.

VASSP has been very outspoken on issues related to standards and accountability and has told the State Board, the State Superintendent and legislators that principals and assistant principals welcome the opportunity to participate in developing quality standards and accountability measures and stand ready to implement more rigorous evaluation measures; however, VASSP has warned that without funding for top-quality professional development specific to the implementation of new measures of performance and accountability, reform will not be successful. The Governor’s introduced budget falls far short of including enough funding for meaningful professional development. It is important for those who are calling for new evaluation techniques, professional standards criteria and performance measures to understand that success depends on how reform is implemented, and professional educators know that successful reform depends on quality professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators.