Jan 18

Capital Issues at the General Assembly

The 2012 General Assembly Session is less than a week old, and already politicians have filed 9 bills related to suspension and expulsion that challenge a principal’s ability to maintain safety and discipline in schools. Additionally, among bills related to K-12, is legislation that would allow home-schooled students to play public school sports; require allocation of 67% of local operating budgets to the classroom; mandate that schools determine birth status of students; establish tax credits for contributions to nonpublic schools; provide for annual contracts for teachers and principals; and reduce the number of diplomas from 7 to 3.

Your VASSP Director of Government Relations Bet Neale will continue to maintain a daily presence in Richmond and keep you up to date on all bills that affect public education. VASSP is your voice at the Capitol, but we need you to continue to make your voices heard at home by remaining in contact with your local legislators. To that end, we will particularly need those of you whose representatives sit on important education committees to make a special effort to voice your opinions on education bills that will come before your legislators. Our bi-weekly Capitol Issues composite view of all K-12 bills will allow you to follow education bills, identify the patrons of the bills and view the progress of legislation as bills go from subcommittee to full committee to the Floor of the House or Senate.

The following Senators are members of the Senate Education and Health Committee:
Martin, Chair; Saslaw, Lucas, Howell, Newman, Blevins, Locke, Barker, Northam, Miller, J.C., Smith, McWaters, Black, Carrico, Garrett.

Of those members, Senators Blevins (Chair), Howell, Locke, Black and Carrico serve on the Public Education Subcommittee; and they vet the most controversial K-12 education bills that come before the Senate Education and Health Committee.

The following Delegates are members of the House Education Committee:
Tata (Chairman), Landes (Vice Chairman), Lingamfelter, Rust, Cole, Pogge, Massie, Greason, Bell (of Staunton), Stolle, LeMunyon, Robinson, Yost, Yancey, Dudenhefer, Alexander, Ware (of Roanoke City), McClellan, Tyler, Bulova, Morrissey, Keam.

House Education Subcommittees are:
Standards of Quality: Lingamfelter, (Chairman), Pogge, Greason, Stolle, LeMunyon, Ware, O., Tyler, Bulova;
Students and Early Education: Bell, (Richard), Chairman, Landes, Stolle, Robinson, Yost, Alexander, Morrissey, Keam
Teachers and Administration: LeMunyon, Chair, Cole (Chairman), LeMunyon,