Jan 27

General Assembly January 25

School administrators would like another year to deal with the issue of mandating epipens in schools to address emergency situations due primarily to the recent student death in Chesterfield. In a meeting with health department and education department personnel, private practitioners and liaisons for health concerns and education (including VASSP and VASS), it was the consensus of the group to attempt to have the bills carried over in order to address the many concerns and complicated medical issues inherent in such a change in protocol. The group asked representatives of the Department of Education to alert school superintendents and principals through department memos about the bill and about events that prompted it in an effort to remind administrators to continue to ask parents to provide the necessary information and medical directives for students who have medical problems that could require epinephrine.

To date, efforts to have the bills carried over have not been successful; however, several patrons have agreed to look at amendments to bring in the Department of Education to look at promulgating guidelines and outlining training options.