Feb 02

General Assembly Report – February 1

Patrons are rushing to consolidate a number of discipline bills – there were 9 (nine!) introduced, and they range from mandating alternative education to requiring principals to “read them their rights.” With this many bills in the hopper, representing legislation in both the House and the Senate, the odds would not seem to be in our favor. However, there is a possible bright light in the midst of this darkness because rational and reasonable patrons on both sides of the aisle are beginning to listen to our concerns and have sanctioned informal meetings of all the stakeholders – and consensus may be reached that could transform nine bad bills into one good bill.

Such a bill, if there is final agreement, would require that parents be notified after it has been determined that a student has violated school board policy and such violation will result in at least a suspension. Stay tuned because all the bills are still in play.