Feb 24

Virginia Board of Education Meeting – February – 2012

The Virginia Board of Education February  meeting was held in Richmond in the Department of Education facilities on Thursday, February 23 2012.  The agenda and related documents may be reviewed at www.doe.virginia.gov/boe/meetings/2012/02_feb/agenda.shtml

A summary of the meeting is as follows:

Election of the Offices of President and Vice President of the Board of Education for 2012-2014.  Mr. David Foster was elected  President and Ms. Betsy Beamer was elected Vice President.

The recognition of the 2012 Virginia Regional Teachers of the Year and the State Teacher of the Year was done by President Foster.  Two middle school teachers and one high school teacher were among the winners recognized at the meeting including the State Teacher of the Year.  Representing Region 4 was Mr. Jamie Sawatzky, a history teacher at Rocky Run Middle School in the Fairfax Division and Ms Carol Webster from Region 6, an English teacher at William Byrd High School in the Roanoke County Division. The 2012 State Teacher of the Year is Ms Margaret Smith, an English literature teacher representing Region 5 from the Paul Lawrence School for Innovation in the Lynchburg City Division. The district winners are listed on:www.doe.virginia.gov/teaching/recognition/teacher_of_the_year/2012/index/shtm

There were six action items presented to the Board for vote/review.  The four that will impact VASSP member schools are listed below. You may review them in detail by clicking on the meeting agenda site at the top of this blog.

A. Final Review of Proposed Addition to Board of Education Approved Courses to Satisfy Graduation Requirements for High School Diplomas in Virginia Public Schools.  This goal will establish a Mathematics Capstone course to be added as an additional course option for students. This course will not be a substitute for Algebra II students seeking an advanced studies diploma.

B. Final review of Virginia’s Application for the U.S. Department of Education Flexibility from Certain Requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA). If approved by the USED, this waiver will be implemented for the 2012-2013 school year.

C.  Final Review of Revised Guidelines for Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria for Principals.  This proposed item contains seven (7) Performance Standards developed by a committee of principals including VASSP board members and the VASSP Executive Director, Dr. Randy Barrack. This will be implemented as of July, 2013.

D.  First Review of Recommended Cut Scores for the Grades 3-8 Mathematics Standards of Learning Tests Based on the 2009 Mathematics Standards

If you have questions or comments,  contact Larry Lenz at llenz@vassp.org or comment on this blog site.