Mar 08

HB 576 Still Has Not Passed

How often is a bill passed over without a vote for ten days? The answer: not often. But that is exactly what is happening with HB 576, the Governor’s contract bill, which moves the probationary period for teachers, principals and assistant principals from three years to five years and replaces continuing contract with a three-year term contract. VASSP remains opposed to passage of this Administrative proposal that we believe was hastily conceived, without input from our members, and would be disastrous to the ability of school divisions to attract and retain administrators.

The Senate version of the contract bill was defeated several weeks ago, and the House version narrowly passed in a Senate committee on an 8-7 vote. For the past ten days, the Governor has been making every effort to convince all twenty Republican senators to vote for HB 576. The twenty Democrats are expected to vote “no.” A tie would mean victory for the Governor, as the Lt Gov would certainly vote “yes.”

So far, there are serious questions as to whether or not McDonnell can get the 20 votes he needs. Let’s hope not. Delay has been the name of the game, but the “game” ends today when there will be a Senate vote. Stay tuned.