Mar 28

Your Students and Prosecution Under Virginia Law

The idea or thought of students committing crimes is not a welcome topic to consider, but as a building administrator you may have been or will be confronted with the act of one or more of your students which will place them in the justice system in our commonwealth.  If this occurs, hopefully you will need to take action on a crime committed in the community and not on school grounds.  The reality of adolescents commiting criminal acts has increased over the past few decades and finding out that one of your students has/is being charged for a crime is a reality that principals and assistant principals face.

The Virginia Department of Education has posted Superintendents Memo #0576-12 on their site to make information available to you, parents, and your students about laws regarding the prosecution of juveniles for the commission of certain crimes. If you are not certain of the difference between a Class 1 and a Class 6 Felony, then this document will be of assistance to you.  Most likely, this information will become a part of your student handbook if it is not already in place.

You may access this information by clicking on www.doe.virginia.gov/administrators/superintendents_memos/2012/057-12a.pdf