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Aug 23

School Is Open!

Well, almost. While some divisions have already returned to school, the majority of divisions will welcome back teachers Monday, August 31st, with students returning on Tuesday, September 8. With the new school year right around the corner, what have you decided to do to be a better school leader? As we put the finishing touches …

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May 02

The Heart of Leadership

Every so often, blogs related to leadership appear in non-educational content. Leadership for school administrators is the essence of Principal Insight and yet examples for school leaders to consider and emulate can bring us a new perspective on how our own leadership style/strategies can be enhanced. Reading the attached article may provide you with thought on your …

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Apr 09

Are Too Many Initiatives Too Much?

In a recent April 8th NASSP blog, Mel Riddle proposed steps to take for schools having long agendas with plans for success. He cited an article in a recent issue of Ed Leadership (April 3, 2013) as the impetus for his remarks. The article, “School Leaders: Make Sure Your Teachers Don’t Lose Heart” by Lori Barnoski, a retired …

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Feb 06

Does the “Tyranny of the Urgent” Sound Familiar?

In late January, I received the monthly copy of the “Lancer Letter”  a staff communication letter from Robert E. Lee High School in Fairfax County.  Principal Abe Jeffers, member of the VASSP Board of Directors, graciously forwards a copy to me and it is nice to keep in touch with what goes on in Abe’s …

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Oct 10

Leadership Tip: It’s Sometimes Best to Keep Silent

Wise men, when in doubt whether to speak or to keep quiet, give themselves the benefit of the doubt, and remain silent.” ~ Napoleon Hill A sage individual once commented that there is a reason why we have one mouth and two ears: listening is the better of the two options when you really do …

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Sep 28

Tips for New Leaders

A recent blog caught my attention which looked like and is a good learning guide for new administrators, especially assistant principals who have been promoted in their own building. The blog, “25 Tips for Managing Your First Reports”  was written by Daniel McCarthy and while written for business managers, it has very appropriate lessons for school leaders. …

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Sep 21

Can Boring Be Productive?

Writing as an individual who accepts the mundane as normal, an article in the September 19 Smart Brief on Leadership   titled “Boring is Productive” caught my attention. The piece, written by Robert Pozen, lecturer at the Harvard Business School and author of the forthcoming book Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours, provides a viewpoint …

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Sep 14

When Was Your Last “Ideal Day”?

If all of your days at school are “ideal,” you may just skip this blog and go out into your building and bask in your own personal glow.  If, however, all of your days and the nights when you are still at school for PTA, ball games and other assorted meetings are not “ideal,” then perhaps this …

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Dec 06

Some Thoughts On Leadership

“Look over your shoulder every now and then to make sure someone is following you”(Henry Gilmer). I remember listening to Lou Holtz speak at a national conference about twenty-five years ago. He told the story about being named the head football coach at Notre Dame.  He noted that the President of Notre Dame said to …

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